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Artisan craftsmanship in oak framed buildings by Countrywide.

Living the dream, experiencing the tradition.

Welcome home.

Welcome home. Where the rich atmosphere of your unique Countrywide building sets the tone for a grand way of living. English craftsmanship, perfected through centuries of tradition, manufactured with an eye to the future, and built following the strictest regulations. Handmade. Handcrafted.

Countrywide creates more than just elegant oak-framed buildings. Every creation summons the rich history of the English countryside. Filled with magnificent charm, pure in every detail. A perfect pearl of rustic yet lavish architecture. With authentic materials that merge style and comfort flawlessly.

In short, a Countrywide building isn’t just unique, durable, or tailor-made excellence. It’s a dream worth living. A home for life. An impressive value addition to your way of living.

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Countrywide is...

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Enjoy your outdoor space in style, with a refined oak-framed outbuilding. Park your classic cars in a way that does right by them, in an outbuilding that pays tribute to the grandeur of your unique automobiles. Or enjoy the shade in your luxuriously designed pool house. Discover more…


An oak-framed outbuilding or an annex in Anglo–Norman style adds character to every home. Create an abundance of natural light with an English-style conservatory or annex. Or enjoy your garden in class in your charming and refined outbuilding. Discover more…

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Enjoy unsurpassed living comfort, in a stylish newly built Countrywide manor. The authentic ambience of Anglo–Norman architecture, perfected with today’s durable techniques. A vision for the future, rooted in a remarkable and rich tradition. Discover more…

Architecture filled with stories

Construction of houses, annexes and outbuildings in Anglo-Norman style by Countrywide.

Your key to a life of style and comfort.