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Your new oak-framed home.

Royal architecture and innovative durability

Heritage. Let the work speak for itself.

The lush English manors conceal an abundance of stories and culture. The construction techniques used in these buildings have evolved and perfected across the centuries. Without impairing the origin of the architecture, the authentic materials and the typical refinement loom in every little detail.

Are you ready to build your new home? Then be a part of this generous heritage, a word that speaks for itself: A harmonious unification of history, cultural tradition and elegant comfort.

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Countrywide, oak-framed construction works

How Countrywide takes on your construction project? You’ll notice we go out of our way to build an English home that suits you like a charm. Not only in style and design, but budget wise as well.

The possibilities for building your Anglo–Norman style home are surprisingly diverse. From impressive country manors to quaint cottages and unique family houses. You decide on every aspect of your new home. Everything is designed and manufactured by English artisans descending from generations of experience in this inimitable architectural style.

Are you looking to build a new English-style house? Come talk about your plans with Koen Bouteligier. You’ll be amazed by what we can do for you.

Even our techniques are the epitome of style

Maybe you’ve seen the characteristic oak-framed outbuildings that are growing increasingly popular these days. They reflect the same spirit as our new English-style houses. But what really make the difference are the innovative and durable techniques that form the technical heart of your brand-new home.

A clever interaction between technology and tradition makes for comfortable living, which pioneers in insulation and ventilation novelties. In short, you can apply the strictest standards in technique, energy conservation and technology. You’re right in wanting nothing but the best.


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Let’s start from the beginning

An ardent passion for the Anglo–Norman style. A heart for impeccable quality.

That’s Countrywide.