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Tradition isn’t just the heart of our unique style.

An artisan service with attention to every detail.

Every aspect permeated with an absolute respect for tradition.

It’s not just the architecture that’s traditional. The classic approach is vintage Countrywide. We know full-well that building your home means practicing the art of efficiency. And yet, that’s not our only goal.

We’ve mastered a warm architectural style that has matured across the centuries to become a breathtaking example of refined quality. That unique approach is backed by a warm service. It’s our mission to bring back respect, expertise and thorough solidity to the trade.


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The centre of our philosophy is you

We do so by guaranteeing a service with a soul. A fully reliable and easily accessible service with profound custom work and an artisan touch. It’s small-scale as well because quantity isn’t of the essence, but quality definitely is.

That philosophy is a vital part of all aspects of our every project. Starting with the first time that we meet till the end… Well, it doesn’t quite end. Because we’re still there for you long after your house, annex or oak-framed outbuilding is completed.

How does Countrywide work for you?

Experience how Countrywide builds your dream house in Anglo–Norman style. Let our manager, Koen Bouteligier, show you the ins and outs of our service. Contact us!

Build the perfect English-style home: Here’s how we do it.

Let’s meet!

We’re happy to welcome you in our offices. Our top priority: hearing what you have to say. Tell us your dreams. We’ll sketch them for you, on the spot and by hand. Refine some minor details with us… and there you are ready to begin! The first designs for your project emerge out of nowhere and in the right dimensions too. As if your new English home is already waiting there for you to enjoy.

Your dream house is visualized there and then. That’s the result of more than 20 years of design experience in the industry.

How it work


Once the plan is there, let’s move on. Your personalized design is sent to the specialists at Border Oak. They’ll calculate which materials are needed to construct your house, annex or outbuilding. The dimensions and prices will be carefully determined.

One week in, your phone will ring. It’s us, bringing you the results of all the calculations. And giving you a clear–cut idea of which price you can expect.

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Your offer in writing

Did the price we give meet your expectations? Then everything is written out for you. We take the time to stop by and discuss every detail with you—and all the practicalities as well, of course.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We’ll answer every question without hesitation.

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Your order

When our written quote is accepted, your project is officially on the rails. You’ll pay an advance that covers the cost of the detailed ground plans. And when everything is realized the way it should be, your advance will be deducted from the final invoice.

Should there be any problem with building permits that prevent you from fulfilling the project, we’ll pay back your advance in full.

No risk, no worries.

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The execution

Once your permit is in place, we’ll put out the definitive order for your oak-framed building. Construction runs like a charm, thanks to the meticulous planning by the professionals at Border Oak. Two months later, your new home is up for delivery.

Are you ready to find out what it’s really like to work with Countrywide? Give us a call! We’ll soon meet up to discuss your project!

How it work

Feeling at home couldn’t be easier

Discover the Countrywide projects.

The unique English building style is the definition of home comfort. Countrywide constructs Anglo-Norman houses that are second to none.