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Construction of houses, annexes and outbuildings in Anglo–Norman style by Countrywide.

Your key to a life of style and comfort.

Architecture filled with stories

The irresistible charm of the traditional English oak-framed buildings is renowned all over the globe. Throughout the years, the heart and soul of their style and design have remained untouched. Time didn’t affect this remarkable type of architecture, which is strongly rooted in an ancient tradition of refined elegance.

But the construction has been continuously perfected. So, generations to come can enjoy what you build today.

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Artisan groundwork

Countrywide goes the extra mile. It brings the infamous Anglo–Norman manors and oak-framed buildings—with their typical tenon dowel joint system—up to speed with modern day building regulations and energy standards. The result: infinite construction possibilities that greatly boost your comfort, but without compromising on style and class.

We create your outbuilding using superior Border Oak materials. This English family business is passionate about preserving the English traditional culture. They are craftsmen that take their time to perfect their work. A specialized team with an indestructible artisan base that is formed by a mix of tradition, specialized knowledge, and impeccable skills.

This craftsmanship creates a world of opportunity. It allows you to build and renovate houses, annexes, and superstructures. From impressive and luxurious Anglo–Norman manors to conservatories and greenhouses, every dream becomes a possibility.

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The measure of all things

A story must be written on a blank page. Readymade solutions are too often answers to poorly understood questions.

That’s why your living dream is the measure of all things for Countrywide. Everything goes for you because we won’t cling to what’s easiest for us. We deliver tailor–made quality, focused on letting you live and work, just the way you are.

There’s only one standard, yours.

Countrywide projects come in all shapes and sizes. From a cosy pool house, a functional home office or a lively entertainment room to an authentic outbuilding to park your favourite classic car. From fully built and finished to your expectations to solely the structural work.

You decide where we start and when we end. So, you can get exactly what you dreamt of. A Countrywide building with its typical Anglo–Norman architecture is built as per the only standard that matters: Yours.

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Let’s start from the beginning

An ardent passion for the Anglo–Norman style. A heart for impeccable quality.

That’s Countrywide.