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The typical English-style architecture.

A gem for your annex or extension.

When class and style define who you are

You don’t have to construct an Anglo–Norman manor of your own if you want to experience how English architecture can take your home to a higher level. Even when you renovate, the English style is an excellent choice for class, refinement and creative quality. Authentic oak-framed outbuildings and annexes catch the eye of every visitor or passer-by.

How it works? That’s easy. At Countrywide, we design every idea on the spot. You tell us what you want to renovate and what your dreams are. We create an idea on paper—instantly. That, there and then, is the start of your oak-framed annex or renovation. From that moment on, everything is fully customized to meet your needs.

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Renovating for those who demand more

No better time to dream than now. A beautiful kitchen diner with large window panes, attached to your current home. An extra floor on top of your garage for extra living space. A spacious extension that turns your living area into a sparkling gem of light, authenticity and comfort.

Whatever your dreams, we make them happen. Fully customized. With materials that are built to last for generations to come. And most of all: we do it at your pace.

Learn more about the possibilities right here. Or better still: contact us to talk about your future oak framed home.

Turnkey or partially

English style renovations are remarkably tasteful. But we understand your living dream must align with your budget. That’s why the choice is yours completely. Select a full and carefree approach, where our specialists organize your renovation from start to finish. Or rely on our expertise to do nothing more than structural works, so you can finish yourself—or with other contractors.

Like we said: tailor-made, at your pace, and in line with your budget.

Let’s start from the beginning

An ardent passion for the Anglo–Norman style. A heart for impeccable quality.

That’s Countrywide.