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An ardent passion for the Anglo–Norman style. A heart for impeccable quality. That’s Countrywide.

That’s Countrywide.

Let’s start from the beginning. Who or what is Countrywide?
And why does it matter to you?


How progress undermined tradition

20 years ago, Koen Bouteligier co-founded a construction company that specialized in building oak-framed outbuildings. He designed each and every one of them. And more importantly, he had a firm belief in the product, the style and the unique charm of what was being created.

A few years ago, however, he noticed everyone in the industry was travelling down the same path. They used the same machines and the same technology, the same approach and sales pitches. The heart and soul of the craft was silently vanishing in favour of technological progress.


Let’s do it differently

With Countrywide, it’s back to basics. To the pure essence of the exceptional oak-framed building style. Perfection is at the forefront again. And with a partner who is fully committed to the original artisan ways, combined with a service that’s based on pure love for the trade.

Hand–drawn designs. Handmade materials. High-end construction procedures and equipment. Countrywide brings a forgotten art back to life, with the utmost respect for today’s regulations, but without jeopardizing a correct and competitive pricing strategy.


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A ardent passion for the Anglo-Norman style.

How will you notice?

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1. Quality rules

All materials are manufactured from quartered wood, taken from the heart of the oak tree. The inside of the tree is incredibly robust, with an exceptionally high density. It endures the roughest of weather conditions and can be crafted into the most beautiful designs. All the wood is meticulously impregnated to resist fungi and insects.

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2. Authentic methods

Forget about an automated CNC machinery that manufactures products, each identical to the next. Handmade materials are Countrywide’s trademark. Created by dynamic craftsmen who cultivate their skills every day.

Every oak-framed building from Countrywide is first assembled in the workshops of our supplier, Border Oak, by their own professionals. After that, it’s deconstructed and traditionally marked, allowing it to be transported and assembled on location. That guarantees you your building will live up to the highest standards. And, of course, that there will be no unforeseen circumstances on the building site.

If you think this approach increases the price of your project, then we’ve got great news for you. Craftsmanship makes for higher quality results—not necessarily higher pricing.


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3. Durability and ecology

Even though our style and craft have their origin in an intriguing past, our service is strongly focused on future. Wood is a delicate material. We see it as a gift from nature, honoured by our experienced artisans. It’s our duty to take good care of the natural resources we have at our disposal.

Countrywide completes every project by using only 100% certified wood. No illegal logging, but materials grown and harvested with respect for our environment.


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4. The highest standards: no problem

Of course, we can construct your carport, outbuilding or pool house in English style. But why stop there? Our supplier, Border Oak, is a pioneer when it comes to the creation of housing solutions in Anglo–Norman style. Here, real English craftsmanship combines with beautiful homes, manors and country houses that meet the highest insulation, ventilation and energy standards. Their prizewinning approach is second to none.

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5. Style. Everything is about style.

Finish and detail. A project realization that meets your every expectation—from structural works to turnkey homes, customized up to the smallest detail. Fully in line with the rich architecture we all love so dearly.

Every building is a work of style and class. It symbolizes a unique way of living that lets you define yourself in a heartbeat.

Find out more on how Countrywide builds your unique Anglo–Norman home. Contact us!


Every aspect permeated with an absolute respect for tradition

Tradition isn’t just the heart of our unique style.

An artisan service with attention to every detail.